Monday, 15 April 2013

Commando (A One Man Army) Watch Full Movie Online

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Commando - A One Man Army is directed by Dilip Ghosh. Commando is a hardcore action drama movie starring Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra. The story of Commando is about captain Karanvir Dogra who is a commando with 9 Para Commandoes of the Indian Army and crashes into the Chinese part of the country. Karan is not able to convince the Chinese of his bonafides as they don't find any wreckage. They feel that they can now brand him as a spy and use this justification to humiliate the Indian Government. Indian
Government feels that under these situations, the Chinese will not accept any evidence of Karan having crashed during a usual training, and so they wipes away Karan's army record and merely deny his existence.
Now Karan escapes from the Chinese part of the country before he can be sentenced, and crosses into Himachal Pradesh at the Lepcha border and travels through Kinnaur to reach his base at Pathankot.............

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