Friday, 1 March 2013

Voice of Iranian Islamic Revolution

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 22 Bahman 1357 AHS (February 11, 1979 C.E.)
Ayatollah Taleghani's office receives a message from the group of Iranian Radio/TV workers who are on strike, stating that military personnel and the few Radio/TV employees who were still working, are in the process of leaving the studios. He writes a message to the striking workers, asking them to return to work immediately. Masoud Fayyaz, radio announcer, reads Taleghani's message on the air, and becomes the last person to leave the Jame Jam building.
At the same time, the striking workers, some of them armed, are in the process of entering the main building. Film crews are now busy filming tanks who had positioned themselves around the building for 154 days and are now leaving.
The tanks had just arrived at Shemiran Avenue (which is no longer called Pahlavi by anyone) when, after a few seconds of silence in broadcasts, the voice of Jamshid Adili comes on the air:
"This is the voice of the revolution of the Iranian people!"
[in sedaay-e enghelaab-e mardom-e Iran ast!]
And he repeats this, almost in tears ...
Following this, the anthem "Ey Iran" is broadcast with Banan's voice. This voice and this song, traveled across the globe on that faithful night ...

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