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Death Sentence Fatwa on Salman Rushdie

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URDU DOCUMENTARY (Aik Fatwa) Salman Rushdie and Britain's Roll

On Feb. 14, 1989, Iran's Tehran Radio broadcast a message from the country's "supreme leader," Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, sentencing to death Salman Rushdie, the author of The Satanic Verses.
Khomeini had not read the book. According to the British press, he was reportedly watching the evening news on television, as he did every evening, when he saw rioters in Pakistan burning the book and protesting over it, violently. Some Muslims believed the novel was blasphemous to Prophet Muhammad. Khomeini, who is spoofed in the book, dictated a fatwa to be read immediately over Tehran Radio.
Khomeini's words were, according to various translations:
Khomeini's words were, according to various translations:
"I would like to inform all the intrepid Muslims in the world that the author of the book entitled 'Satanic Verses'. . . as well as those publishers who were aware of its contents, are hereby sentenced to death. I call on all zealous Moslems to execute them quickly, wherever they find them, so that no one will dare to insult Islamic sanctity. Whoever is killed doing this will be regarded as a martyr and will go directly to heaven."
Radio Tehran went on, declaring in the Iranian government's name Feb. 15, 1989 a "day of national mourning . . . in protest against the new conspiracy of the great Satan (the United States) to publish poisonous and insulting subject-matter concerning Islam, the Koran and the blessed prophet."
Within 72 hours, six people died and more than 160 were wounded in violent demonstrations against the book in Pakistan and India.
Rushdie, who was 41 and living in London at the time, immediately went into hiding, though the following day he granted interviews.

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