Monday, 4 February 2013

Russian Troops Hanged Mirza Ali-Aqa Tabrizi

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USSR  Martyred Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi
Mirza Ali-Aqa Tabrizi, known as Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi (also transliterated as Siqat-ul-Islam), (Tabriz, January 19, 1861 - Tabriz, December 30, 1911) was an Iranian nationalist who lived in Tabriz, Iran, around the time prior to the Iranian Constitutional Revolution and was a reformist Shia cleric. He was hanged by Russian troops with 12 other Iranian nationalists in Bagh-e Shomal in age of 53 . He is buried in Maqbaratoshoara, Tabriz. Seqat al Eslam's tomb, outside the Maqbaratoshoara building, Tabriz. The original photography of his hanging currently is shown in Azerbaijan Museum.

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  1. Soviet Russia was much trying to invade Iran and Muslim world from Afghanistan, Iran and Azerbaijan etc. but Muslim Scholars of Iran, Afghanistan and other said countries made all their activities failure. May Allah bless all Muslim Ummah

  2. Great Video exploring Islamic History about 19th Century

  3. Both , Russia and America were driven by Jews and Zionists and were trying to get same goal for Jews and Zionists, Muslims could not understand but now a days we come to know about real face of Capitalism and socialism

  4. @Spike
    Only Islamic system is very good for humans


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