Birth in the Holy Kaaba (Birth of Ali R.A)

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Hazrat Ali(A.S,) was born in the Holy Kaaba at Mecca on Friday, the 13th day of Rajab, 600 A.D. Both the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and Hazrat Ali(A.S.) belonged to the same clan. They were Hashimites, the clan of Bani Hashim. Muhammad's(S.A.W.) father was Abdullah, and that of Hazrat Ali(A.S.), Abu Talib. They were brothers and their father was Abdul Muttalib. Thus the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) and Hazrat Ali(A.S.) were cousins. Hazrat Ali(A.S.) had two brothers, Ja'far and Aquil.Hazrat All's mother Fatima was the daughter of Asad,a famous magnate of the Quraish clan. She was also the aunt of the Holy Prophet, being the wife of Abu Talib, the Prophet's paternal uncle. When she was pregnant, she promised Muhammad(S.A.W.) to make over to him whatever child was born to her, be it male or female. Muhammad(S.A.W.), brought forth, gladly accepted the offer.Ali's holy personality began its wonderful manifestation even during the period of his mother's pregnancy. At that time, Muhanunad(S.A.W.) had not yet announced his prophethood, and yet when he passed before Fatima, who being his aunt was senior to him, she used to stand up in reverence and respect for him, and somehow something within her never allowed her to turn her face away from Muhammad(S.A.W.) as long as he was around.When people asked her about this peculiar behaviour of hers, she would say that she could not help it, that some irresistible urge from within made her do so.This statement was disbelieved by those who wished to test her. So one day they made her sit and they asked two strong men to hold her down when Muhammad(S.A.W.) passed by. Then they asked Muhammad(S.A.W.) if he would walk in front of her, to which he gladly agreed. As he came in front of her, Fatima began to rise and she stood erect throwing both men aside. Muhammad(S.A.W.) who alone was aware of this mystery, used to smile.
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