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Download Free Books from Urdu Movie Site

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To download books from Urdu Movies you will have to go to my Page on Google Books which is given with the Book on (i.e. books are embed on this site) there is also direct link of Google Books page where originally book is being hosted by Urdu Movies Team. From that page simply copy the URL of the book which will be like this

 after installing the software (Detail of Software is given below with image) Simply copy it and paste it Google Book URL bar and then chose PDF option , size of document etc. and then click on start , book will be downloaded in your computer with the given path by you. Read the Detail of software here beloww
If you prefer to read virtual books rather than traditional ones, chances are you already know that there are numerous online repositories where you can find a wide range of genres, such as Google Books. And there are apps like Google Books Downloader that can help you store your favorite items and enjoy them even when your PC is not connected to the Internet.
Before installing this software solution to your PC, you need to pay attention to the setup it comes with. It is advisable to always choose the Custom Installation mode and specify the programs you need, to make sure no additional apps are added to your PC when you want to install Google Books Downloader.
The interface is kept as simple as possible, as the developers decided to integrate only the most important functions for downloading Google Books without any issues.
First of all, you need to enter the URL of the book you want to download to your hard disk, then choose the default destination folder. It might be a good idea to choose the desktop, as you can easily locate the files and analyze them to make sure you are satisfied with their quality.
Another feature provided by Google Books Downloader is choosing the file format for the output file. The application supports PDF, JPEG and PNG, so you do not even need to find a specialized tool for reading these files – you only need a PDF viewer, as JPEG and PNG are natively supported by Windows.
When downloading a Google book, you can also specify the resolution that you prefer, ranging from 350 px to 1280 px, so you can choose the one that matches the size of your computer screen or of the device you want to read the book on.
To sum it up, if you want a basic tool for downloading Google Books, you can give this application a try, but remember that it can be used only with the books that are marked as ‘Full View.’
Here is the link of given free software click on it or simply copy and paste it in your address bar of browser 



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