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Umar bin Al-Khattab R.A 30 End With English Subtitles

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Starts loop to complete an accident Zoadjamr bin Khattab own Kulthum girl Ali ibn Abi Talib smelter to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, but move beyond the events of political and military superheated, start Baqrarazl Khalid ibn al-Walid reiterated Emirate Guensrin, then visit the historic Ambassador Roman he sawOmar asleep under a tree, he said his "amended فأمنت grew," and see a plague outbreak Emmaus accident that made Omar and his companions return visit Syria before entering, and leads to the death of the emir of Abu Abeida successor Amr ibn al-Aas.
The episode moves to Ibn al-Aas, opening Egypt without a fight to keep the Romans in Alexandria alone for two years until blaming everyone Caliph Omar in a message on the delayed opening of the city, moved her age and she fell into his hands resigned in turn wrote a covenant protected Nsaraha. In Episode Touching scene of the death of Khalid ibn al-Walid in the Levant after smth disease sad not to die in jihad martyr, and he who is not in his body position where only stabbed with a spear or an arrow.
Provides the Persian Hermzan commander of the city captive after he fell Ahvaz and cover-up in the hands of Muslims greets the hands of Omar and tell him to stay in the city, and at the same time recognizes the Omar bin al-Khattab on the Persian Fairuz boy who works for bin raider Division and the insidious hints Dvina.
Episode stop at some of the stories of the age of the famous Egyptian such truncated complained of aggression Ibn 'Amr ibn al-Aas him, and he left himself to chase stray camel Ebel charity.
In the meantime, see conspiracy episode features يدبرها Persian Fairouz to kill the commander of the faithful, which is not soon occur during dawn prayers after the return of the age of the last argument in the year 23 AH ..
In footage influential see how reinitiated Omar to be buried next to his two companions Messenger of Allah and Abu Bakr, and how interested appoint a team to choose a successor to him and gave him a deadline of three days, and how keen to recommend this caliph and will combine the features of his experience and wisdom in the management of the parish and in the establishment of an Islamic state.
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