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Raaz 3 Full Watch Online and Download Free

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Raaz 3 is Vivesh films movie staring Emraan Hashmi as Aditya in the lead role with Esha Gupta as Sanjana and Bipasha Basu as Shanaya. Raaz 3 is a suspense thriller movie. Raaz 3 synopsis: Set against the backdrop of the glitz, lights, glamour and back-stabbing cruelty of the entertainment world; a fading movie diva Shanaya (played by Bipasha Basu in Raaz 3) turns to black magic to thwart an upstart young starlet Sanjana (Played by Esha Gupta in Raaz 3) on her way to usurp the position Shanaya once held. Sanjana ruthlessly turns against the girl, using her lover Aditya (played by Emraan Hasmi in Raaz 3), a man who owes her his career, as a pawn. Things go awry when Aditya falls in love with the Sanjana despite himself and avows to protect her against the evil that is consuming all of them. Watch Raaz 3 to find out what happens next..Enjoy Raaz 3 on Urdu Movies.
Shanaya is a fading superstar who resorts to black magic to salvage her career, and raze rising star Sanjana's chances at stardom.
There's only one raaz about stardom. That it's nobody's 'keep' - but everybody's 'mistress'. Easily seduced by the next hot number on the bloc. Sometimes it walks away silently into the dark night, but mostly it screams like multiple orgasms in the vanity van. Shanaya ( Bipasha Basu) is a top star who is gradually falling off the dizzying heights of stardom, while hot new aspirant Sanjana (Esha Gupta) is sweeping away movies, awards and the coveted top spot. In denial of her waning career, the self-obsessed and fiercely ambitious Shanaya will do anything to cling to the last fringes of her career. Even if that means risking love, manipulating her director boyfriend, Aditya ( Emraan Hashmi) and losing Godly faith. She moves over to the dark side - of Kali Vidya (black magic), tantra-mantra, meeting (and mating) with aatmas and seducing her boyfriend into becoming partner-in-crime, with a lot of jism show, sex (and dialogues like, "If you love me you can be stupid for me!" Bah!). Sanjana is haunted by spells of black magic, and in between shrieks, screams (and yeah, steamy sex too, courtesy Aditya) she loses her mind and heart. Throw in a bhatakti aatma ( Manish Chaudhury) and some shocks, shivers and songs - and there you have the third part of the Raaz series.
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  1. where are remaining parts... plzz upload soon ....

  2. thanks 4 uploading part 5 and 6 :)

  3. movie was good.. and music was awsum... IMRAN and ESHA rockzzzz...!!!!

  4. luv u emraan hashmi


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