Sheikh Fazlollah Noori Died on 31 July 1909

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An Attack was made on Ayatollah Sheik Fazlullah Nouri on 9 Dey 1287 Hijri Shamsi
(30 December 1908)
Sheikh Fazlollah Noori was a prominent Shiite Muslim cleric in Iran during the late 19th and early 20th century opposed the Iranian Constitutional Revolution and was executed for treason as a result. Today, he is considered a martyr (shahid) in the fight against democracy by Islamic conservatives in Iran.[citation needed]Sheik Fazlullah was born in 1843. After finishing primary education, he left Iran for Najaf and left for Samara to enjoy Mirza Shirazi's excellence. He went to Iran in 1883 and took resident in Tehran. He believed in the Sharia. He believed that Muslims need and Islamic parliament based on Koran and Mohammad's experience.Noori was one of the most vigorous opponents of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, a movement to remove foreign influence from Iran, limit the power of the Shah and establish a national consultative assembly that would give the people a voice in the affairs of state. The movement was led principally by merchants, intellectuals and some clerics. Noori initially gave restrained support to the uprising, but he soon became an extreme critic and enemy of the constitutionalists. He authored pamphlets and incited mobs against constitutionalism and constitutionalists preaching that they would bring vice to Iran. He issued a fatwa declaring all members of the new parliament and government "apostates", "atheists," "secret Babis," and koffar al-harbi (warlike pagans) whose blood ought to be shed by the faithful.
Noori allied himself with the new Shah, Mohammad Ali Shah, who with the assistance of Russian troops staged a coup against the Majlis (parliament) in 1907. In 1909, however, constitutionalists marched onto Tehran (the capital of Iran). Noori was arrested, tried and found guilty of `sowing corruption and sedition on earth,` and in July 1909, Noori was hanged as a traitor.
Sheikh Fazlollah Noori Died on 31 July 1909
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