Mukhtar Nama Episode 32 (Best Urdu Dubbing)

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Episode 32 - (رستاخيز) Resurrection
22 Hijra month of Zil Hajj , Mokhtar sent Son of Ashtar with experienced soldiers to defeat Army of syria, which was lead by Abdollah bin ziyad, at last Son of Ashtar arrived village of Bareshia which was located on the bank of river Khazar, on the other hand Abdollah bin Ziyad also arrived, Son ofAshtar ordered to his army for final Battle as soon as they arrived before army of Abdollah bin Ziyad,Abdollah bin Ziyad also stayed with his army near the river Khazar, while Umain bin Al Habab called to Son of Ashtar for meeting with him, Son of Ashtar became agree and met with Umain bin Al Habab, he said to son of Ashtar the he is with Mokhtar and will never fight with Son of Ashtar,  Umain binAl Habab also Suggest  Son of Ashtar not to delay in Battle with Abdollah bin Ziyad, as Army of Abdollah was large in numbers than soldiers of Ashtar.Son of Ashtar divided his soldiers in three sections. Here a soldier also met with who want to kill Abdollah bin Ziyad because he martyred Imam Hussain A.S, his name was Sharik bin Judair Tughlabi who was the companion of Ali R.A in different battles.  Son of Ashtar addressed with his soldiers and advised them to fight against Satan , to fight for the revenge for Karbala.In start of Battle Sufiyan bin Yazid went to Umair bin Al Habbab but Umair Diddled and stayed on his point, at last Sofiyan bin Yazid attacked on Umair bin Al Habab, Soldiers of Mokhtar in command of Son of Ashtar attacked on Abdollah bin Ziyad , that Soldiers of Abdollah bin Ziyad ran away, Sharik bin Judair attacked on Son on Numair and killed him, it was noice , now in field , that Son of Marjana ,Abodllah bin Ziyad was killed, but it was not true, Sharik killed Son of Numair in thought of Abdollah bin Ziyad.
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