Mukhtar Nama Episode 27 (Best Urdu Dubbing)

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Episode 27 - (در پوست ميش) In Sheepskin بھیڑ کی کھال میں
One day Mokhtar said to his companions ,, tomorrow, I will kill a person , the angels and all Muslims will become much happy after killing of that person, (here Mokhtar was saying about Umar bin Saad Abba Waqas R.A) in that meeting of Mokhtar a person named Hesham bin Al Aswad Al Nakhaee was also present , in evening , he sent his son to Umar bin Saad and said him about the planing of Mokhtar, now Umar bin Saad became much up set , he left his own home and went to Bath Place where he met with his servant and described all situation , his servant   back to home and also said him not to left his own home again in respect of Amnesty among Mokhtar Saqfi and Umar bin Saad ,,, Mokhtar was informed by someone about the Umar, that he has gone, Mokhtar denied and said, he can not go any where , tomorrow Mokhtar sent Abu Umra to bring Umar bin Saad in Palace ,, Abu Umra went to Umar bin Saad and ordered him to go to palace ,, there Umar bin Saad falled due to his long shirt and Abu Umra cutt off his head and brought to Mokhtar Saqfi,,,
on the other hand Shimr Zil Jaushan and other also escaped from Kufa after disguised themselves in sheeps. But Police of Mokhtar caught a person who was servant of Shimr and was carrying gold on his donkey.
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