Mukhtar Nama Episode 26 (Best Urdu Dubbing)

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Episode 26 -(شورش) The Riot فتنہ و فساد
Mokhtar freed all servants in Kufa and grant relief them very much in their jobs according to Koran, but by the act of Mokhtar all  leaders of tribes of Kufa became against to Mokhtar , all leaders of Kufa who were against Mokhtar , made a alliance agains Mokhtara and at last they surrounded the Palace of Kufa after departure of a big part of Army in comading of Ibrahin Al Ashtar,, it was very tough time on Mokhtar and his friends, Mokhtar and all his friends in in Palace became much worry and Mokhtar send a massage to Ibrahim Al Ashtar who was in Musal , Mokhtar ordered him to come back as soon as possible , when Ibrahim Al Ashtar received that massage , he started to go back to Kufa and without passing any hour after third day was on the gate of Kufa and now Shimar and all his allies were surrounded by Mokhtar and Ibrahim Al Ashtar ..............................
Some were killed and some were prisioned by army of Mokhtar and all prisoners were  now before Ameer Mokhtar

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