Mukhtar Nama Episode 25 (Best Urdu Dubbing)

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Episode 25 - Urdu (اتّحاد شوم) The Ominous Allianceمنافق اتحادی
(مختار نامه) A series directed by Davud Mirbaqeri narrating Mukhtar al-Thaqafi's revenge for Karbala.
In Last Episode we wrote about a reconciliation among Yazid Bin Ans and Son of Shaddad,,, mean while Mokhtar attacked of People who participated in martyred of Imam Hussain A.S,, many were killed in this attack and a large number of people escaped from Kufa.
Yazid Bin Ans went to Musal and Abaidullah Bin Ziyad when got information of coming of Yazid Bin Ans , he sent Rabia Bin Al Mukhariq and Abaidullah Bin Halma against Yazid bin Ans,, and ordered them who arrived first , he would be the Commander of Army , Rabia arrived first and attacked on yazid Bin Ans and was defeated and murdered by Army of Mokhtar which was led by Yazid Bin Ans , at that time Yazid was much sick and suffering from fever and was on Donkey and people were walking around him,,,When Rabia was killed , his army escaped from Battle field and then 300 prisoners were placed before Yazid bin Ans , he ordered to kill all of prisoners , Yazid Bin Ans saisd if I die then Warqa bin Azib will be the Commander of Army ,, in the evening he died.Warqa called a meeting of leaders and ask about the next step against Army of Abaidullah bin Ziyad (40000) , many leaders answered nothing and went back ,, when Mukhtar Saqfi received this news in Kufa , he sent Son of Ashtar with 7000 warriors and ordered him to war with Army of Abaidullah bin Ziyad ,,.After departure of Army of Ibrahim Son of Ashtar, Shimar Zil Jaushan and other his allies make a alliance which was known as Ominous Allaince in History and attacked on the houses of Companions of Mokhtar in Night.
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