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Islami Tube (Islamic Tube) Find Islam in Urdu

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Click Here and Open Door of Islam
This web site is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims.  It contains a lot of brief, yet informative articles about different aspects of Islam.  New articles are added every week.  Also, it features Live Help through chat. This is great site of Islam Religion and also helpful and informative. Everyone muslim and non muslim can get good information... I like this site from everyone. Thanks from those respectable persons working in this site.The website has brought me back to Islam, thanks for providing this information to educate people. Great website.I hope people study Islam with an open mind and then decide.If you are sincere and looking for the TRUTH. The constant Anti-Islam media bashing in the Western Countries is actually helping people come to Islam because they are studying the Religion and finding Islam is the ONLY truth and The Quran is 100% words of God. This site is the by far the very useful and informative. I hope it will Insha Allah throw much light on Islam to the peple of brother faiths. May Allah bestow His blessing upon one and all of youIt gave me so much accurate and good information on Islam that I have been seeking. I'm delighted that i found this website, this is helpful and loads information about Islam in it. Hopefully through this website many many people will find peaceful in Islam to guide some one to be happy and safe in this world and hereafter.I am happy that I found this site, I learn more about my religion. I was born as a Moslem and learning about Islam from childhood. But, from this site, I can learn more than general issue from Moslem society. It's extremely informative. I've always known that Jesus was a phrophet and a teacher and not God. Paul was the one who turned the religion of Jesus into a religion about Jesus. That corruption has done a great disservice to mankind for the last 2000 years.Alhamdulillah every time i visit this website i feel like i reverted yesterday because i always learn something new. I am confident that Allah has set me on the straight path I nsha Allah. The Journey of the hereafter is so well explained i do not feel scared of death any more. May you sisters and brothers who administer this website be abundantly rewarded by the Almighty Allah.I want the world to know that am happy to be a Muslim after been converted from Christianity, and ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST FOR ME AND FOR U TOO.



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