Mukhtar Nama Episode 24 (Best Urdu Dubbing)

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Episode 24(حکومت قانون) The Government of Law قانون کی حکمرانی
Here Ibrahim Al Ashtar said (Tabri wrote his statement) ,, Mokhtar came to palace of Kufa last night and stayed in palace for that night, tomorrow he went to mosque of Kufa,, where he made an address with people of Kufa, he told about his struggle for '' Shia power '' ,, and he invited people of Kufa for islamic Law and Government,, and after completion of his address , he came down from pulpit and people of Kufa took alligance of Mokhtar for Quran and Sunnah,,, even Monzar Bin Hassan also took allegiance and went out, when he passed through gate of palace there was Saeed bin Munkaz Alnuri with a group of Shiites ,, some one from that crowed,, cried and called people to kill Munzar Bin Hassan (as Munzar bin Hassan was not with Shiites before uprising of Mokhtar) many people killed him on gate, while Saeed Bin Munkaz prevented the people from this activity but no one listened him, when Mokhtar came to know this event, he became angry with those Shiites, Abdollah Bin hammam once heared from Amro who was saying in favor of Ali R.A and he was degracing Uthman bin Affan R.A,, Abdollah bin Hammam heared and he punished him ,, he came to Mokhtar with a eulogy,, Mokhtar went into palace ,, while Abdollah bin Shaddad announced he will gift one Shawl and a Horse to Abdollah bin Hammam, Qais bin Tehqa also announced a gift from him for Hammam, and some one asked Yazid Bin Ans about gift, he said if Hammam came here with pure heart then Allah will give him a gift of grace,, if Hammam is greedy then I have no enough, as I have already paid my all extra income after my expenses to my Warrior companions,, when Hammam heared it, he became angry and started abusing to Yazid Bin Ans,, Yazid Bin Ans get up to bit him and he also said Son of Shumit to kill him, Shumit's son draw his sword to kill him, but Ibrahim Ashtar came and stopped them to kill him, after Mokhtar's arrival there,, and with try of Unity of Mokhtar, this event was controlled from bad results ,,.
Ibn e kamil told Mokhtar about Ibn E Mutee three times but Mokhtar put no attention on Ibn E Mutee, after it he sent 3 Lac Dirhams to Ibn E Mutee (Ibn E Mutee was hided himself in House of Abu Musa Ashari in Kufa) and said him to go back to Hijaz and use this amount for his departure.
After all Mokhtar came to know about Killers of Hussain A.S,, and he ordered his warriors to go there country sides of Kufa in command of Yazid Bin An........ 
now you will have to wait for next episodes ,, because more parts are not available  in Urdu
This is Episode 24 and now its name is Government of Law
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|| Wednesday, November 28, 2012 || Urdu Media Go To Video Player
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