Messenger (Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Childhood)

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There was scheduled to call ambassadors from all over Arab in Makkah, so it was also decided to serve all guests with meal and food, so all tribes were responsible to give their contribution to Abdul Muttalib (Grandfather of Muhammad PBUH),, all Tribes or persons took their food but one person, was late, Abdul Muttalib sent Messengers to him but in vain, at last Abdul Muttalib decided to send Muhammad PBUH to him as a Messenger   of Abdul Muttalib while Muhammad PBUH was only8 years old,, (Childhood),. Someone said, you have sent noble men of Qurayesh to him but he denied to gave his share then how he would obey your order by the convincing of a boy who is only 8 years old,, but when Muhammad PBUH went,, he gave his share and took part in that ceremony also,, 

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