Friday, 25 November 2011

Prophet Moses A.S 2 (Prophet Moosa A.S) Urdu Islamic Movie

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When Sons of Israel was in Egypt, there they were suffering from many difficulties , Tribulations and Adversity, even,, according to Holy Koran, their children (boys) were killed by Egyptians and they did not kill their girls by orders of Pharaoh in Egypt, it was much Afflicting and Hurtful for the Children of Israel, so Allah granted grace and blessings on Sons of Israel and Allah sent Prophet Moses A.S (Moosa A.S) to Extricate   Sons of Israel, so Prophet Moses Extricate   them from Egypt and did lead them to back to (Canaan)Cana, during the The Exodus (the exit from Egypt) , Allah saved them from Egyptians and Allah also helped them to cross the Red sea,,but when they arrived at River of Jordan, there were Amorites who were the enemies of Israelites, When Moses asks the Amortise for passage and it is refused, Moses attacks the Amorites ,, then there was an story which is told us by Holy Koran, story of Cow, we have one Sura of this name in Holy Koran and it is the most longest Sura of Koran in which Allah described all the bad habits of Jews and told us why there were rejected from the Apostolic See.

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