Friday, 25 November 2011

Prophet Moses A.S 1 (Prophet Moosa A.S) Urdu Islamic Movie

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This Movie is based on an Event of Sons of Israel in Era of Prophet Moses A.S,, there is also an Sura in Holy Koran about this event when someone from Jews killed a man , but no one could know who killed him, so Allah ordered Prophet Moses A.S to get a Cow,, and after slaughter that cow , put a piece of that Cow on dead body of that killed one, so the man who was killed became alive again and told about his killer. This is part 1 of this great Movie on life of Prophet Moses A.S (Hazrat Moosa A.S) in Urdu. I ahve been added this movie already in Persian (Farsi) on this site, you may watch also it on this link

Nasepas  (New Iranian Film about Prophet Moses A.S)

Must Watch in Urdu Here Below

Other Parts of This Serial/Movie!



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