Mukhtar Nama Episode 17 (Best Urdu Dubbing)

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Episode 17(میهمان ملکوت) Guest of the Heavens
Mokhtar Nameh in Urdu (Mikhtar Nama) part 17 is now available in Urdu on Urdu Movies Site..
we were too late and viewers were also waiting for a long time for next parts after 16 ,, now Watch and Enjoy
It is much easy to add videos of 30 minutes, on this site  ,so I decided now to add all next videos containing running time maximum 30 minutes,, so Mokhtar Nama each episode is divided in 2 parts
Guest of the Heavens part 17 
Why they named this episode Guest of Heavens?
after watching it I came to know, here they also filmed scenes from day of Karbala ,, on that day, a Christian man Wahab also embraced Islam and came with Hz. Imam Hussain A.S for war and at last he too was the Guest of Heavens with Imam Hussain and all his true companions.
its true who devotes his life for Allah, he always called guest of Heavens,,,, his name becomes alive for all times,
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|| Tuesday, November 27, 2012 || Urdu Media Go To Video Player
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