Friday, 4 November 2011

Karam Ki Inteha Hain Fatima R.A (Urdu Manqabat)

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Karam Ki Inteha Hain Fatima R.A (Urdu Manqabat) by Nadeem Sarwer (Nadeem Sarwar raza)  , Fatima (Fatimeh) R.A is the Mother of Hassan and Hossein A.S, and she was the daughter of Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Family (Progeny) of Muhammad PBUH and importance in Islam, as we know before the End of Time , this world will be ruled by Imam Mehdi A.S, who will be the son of Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH
(Son of Fatima and Ali A.S), and Imam Mahdi will kill dajjal with Essa (Jesus A.S) (Prophet issa will come second time as Dhaka Nain ذوالقرنین عہ,
in our five time prayers we have to say Darood on Muhammad and Family of Muhammad PBUH, without Darood our Prayers are incomplete,
All praise is for Allah and Peace Be upon Him and His Family and His True Companions



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