Prophet yousef A.S 1 (Urdu)

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Watch and Free download Complete Islamic Movie in Urdu , Prophet Yousef A.S which was most populer among the Muslim world
Information about the various prophets sent by God to humankind can be found throughout the 114 chapters of Quran. The information is presented in a variety of ways. From a few short verses, to the long narrative concerning Prophet Joseph, that takes an entire chapter. Additionally, almost invariably, the prophets come to their particular people with the same message. They ordered their peoples to worship God alone, and not associate anything or anyone in worship with Him. The stories of the prophets emphasize this basic doctrine of Islam that God is One.
story starts from the life of Yaqoob A.S when he was not come to Canaan, he was in other city with his wives and children
where Esther a goddess of that city was worshipped by people, and only Yaqoob (Job) A.S and some others were the follower of One God, Allah.its a much interesting historical movie about the lives of Our Prophets , Yaqoob (Job) A>S and Yousef(Joseph) A>Sboth were great persons who did every thing for the Islam,(Deen  Haneef ) دین حنیف

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